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Having been around animals

all our lives

We know just how you

would want your pet treated.

They are a part of our

Family as well as yours.

We know how important

it is to meet their

"unspoken" needs.

to you

is that we

treat your animal

as you would want

them to be treated.

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We prefer that you bring your pet's
own food. That way he or she will
stay on their own diet. Switching food
can cause digestive upsets. Medicine
can be administered at no extra fee.
We have refrigeration and microwave
if needed for food. We do not need
dishes. We prefer that just the amount
of food your pet will need for their
stay is supplied. Zip Lock bags
or plastic containers work best. 

 Treats and toys are allowed, especially
if your pet is accustomed to having them. Anything that makes his or her stay
more comforting is a positive.

Call (973) 948-0624

Our Facility
and your pet's 2nd home
All dog and cat indoor areas are heated
or air conditioned accordingly.

Each private indoor dog space is
4' x 4', with a 4' x 10' outdoor
(covered) kennel run attached.

The "Suites" are 4' x 8' with two
4' x 10' outdoor runs attached.

There are four Kitty condos
they are 3' x 3' x 6'
with three
A ramp connects the middle
to the
top level.

Each dog is taken out to the attached
50' x 60' outdoor yard 6-8 times per day, individually or in a social group,
with the owners permission.
We find that dogs allowed to
"go outside" to get some exercise and
"do their business" away from their
sleeping and eating zone, are
less stressed as they are following
their same routine as at home.
Puppies and seniors are well 
accommodated for their "weaknesses"
with understanding and experience.

Bedding from home is encouraged,
especially for first time boarders.
Leaving a blanket, sweat shirt or rug
from home with your scent on it for
your pet, tells them that you have
marked the area and you are returning
as it has your scent attached to it.

A family of dogs with their own bedding

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